Can't Stop the Feeling - Eitan's Wish

As most PR consultants will tell you, no two days are the same. One day you’re writing a media release for the launch of a burger and the next you’re covered in chickens in a field out in regional Victoria. However, what they won’t always tell you is that the days you’re truly making a difference to someone’s life are the ones you won’t ever forget.  


Wrights had the honour of managing the PR for a little boy named Eitan from Make-A-Wish, who’s wish was to become a famous star. When the going gets tough, the PR gets going and Wrights was thrilled with the challenge to make Eitan feel famous and to get the media in a frenzy as if Justin Timberlake himself had hit the streets of Melbourne.


Through lots of hard work and persistence, Wrights was able to make sure Eitan felt like a star by securing him spots on Channel 9 News, Channel 7 News, Channel 10 News, The Today Show, Sunrise and The Project. When you see a little boy’s wish come to life, with almost every major broadcast network following him through the crowd, you really *can’t stop the feeling.  


When reflecting on the successes of a PR campaign, it’s important to acknowledge all types of results. With a project of such delicate nature, a good result isn’t only what’s on paper or of monetary value, but the difference PR can make to people’s lives on a deeper level.


After the high of garnering widespread media coverage and all-round success, we must come back down to earth and sink our teeth into the next project. However, as you power through the next media release or crazy photo shoot, remember that feeling… and use it!

Nancy McDonald