By: Kate Dwight

Artwork has the propensity to shape the entire space in which it exists, which is why when the Wrights office renovations were nearing completion, the decision over artwork was integral.

The office needed something that popped with personality and inspired creativity!

Rowena Martinich has a clever, original and inventive style, which resonated strongly with Wrights’ ingenious passion, and led to the final decision to run with one of her pieces.

As a Melbourne born and bred artist, Rowena has artwork featured in a number of exotic locations around the world, including Istanbul, New York, London, Prato and Lyon. Wrights was thrilled to be able to support a local artist and now has a strong bond with Rowena.

‘Stellar’ has a combination of bright, bold hues, with delicate softer tones and was the perfect fit for the Wrights collaboration space. It is inspired by an exploration of atmospheres and emits a somewhat moving but balanced impression.

Rowena utilised a number of painting styles, including the use of spray paint, dripping paint, dry brush strokes, splattering of paint and the use of varying thicknesses of paint. This has resulted in an evocative bold piece that demands attention. 

The Wrights collaboration space is where content is created and client campaigns come to life. In a Wrights’ brainstorm, no idea is a bad idea, and the piece Stellar fosters this ethos in its entirety. 

Douglas Wright