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Heinz Beanz

Many Australians believe the perfect serving size of baked beans for one person is having enough to fit neatly onto two slices of toast, with research confirming people are craving a can size that is easy to enjoy with friends and family without waste.

So, much-loved household favourite, Heinz Beanz turned to Wrights to re-launch the brand with its ‘Can Size for Every Aussie’ where it boldly removed its well-established logo for a limited time to replace it with the new names to highlight the dining occasions: ‘Lil One’ (130 grams), the ‘One for One’ (220 grams), the ‘One for Two’ (300 grams) and the ‘One for All’ (555 grams).

With a nod to iconic Aussies that are known and loved just like the Heinz Beanz product, Wrights commissioned artworks to celebrate the ‘Can Size for Every Aussie’ campaign where Sabre Norris was secured to represent the ‘Lil One’, Lleyton Hewitt as the ‘One for One’ can and Bert and Patti Newton as the ‘One for Two' can. 

Each of the personalities jumped at the chance to work with Heinz Beanz and be part of such a novel concept, joining Wrights as VIP guests to reveal the unique artworks at a pop-up exhibition in Melbourne.  Generating a groundswell of talkability, the campaign was a huge success thanks to Wrights coming up with an ingenious way to make headlines for Heinz Beanz.